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What We Do

Our Mission

for the HOMELESS ...

We walk or drive by those who make their homes in the alley ways, bus stops, and abandoned farm houses or under the highway overpasses. They are dirty and scruffy looking. Some are acting bizarre. Others are too intoxicated to walk or even stand. 

We too often judge a book by its cover. Some of these that we encounter used to be medical professionals who became addicted to prescription drugs. Some that you see were just abandoned by their families because the mental or physical challenges that they were born with were just too much to handle. Some are veterans who volunteered to go to foreign lands and fight for the cause of freedom or to help those who could not help themselves; yet when they got home, the perils of war left them so mentally and emotionally scarred, that they just are not able to function in a normal social setting any longer.

Tennessee Valley Outreach is here to provide hope to the hopeless. Our staff members are trained and have a special calling to be a friend to the friendless. By offering shelter for those who desire to turn their lives around, or by reaching out and providing warm blankets, dry socks, coats, and non-perishable food items to those who feel safer on the streets or in the homeless camps, the Tennessee Valley Outreach organization is on the frontlines of this issue. Additionally, we hold annual events such as a Christmas Party for our residents and a golf tournament fundraiser. Jesus said in Matthew 25:40, "When you do it to the least of these my brethren, you do it unto Me." We here at TVO are devoted and committed to this cause.


for the HUNGRY ...

In a nation that has been blessed with so much food abundance, many in our own communities go to bed feeling the pangs of hunger, some residing right next door. 

The reality that many go without food for days without end is an absolute tragedy, especially here in the Tennessee Valley. TVO is committed to ensure that this is not the case. By partnering with area food pantry's and generous food vendors, Tennessee Valley Outreach provides food boxes as well as prepared meals to individuals and families that are not only hungry for basic nutrition but are also Hungry to see God at work in a tangible way.

for the HURTING ...

 There is not a single human being on the face of this earth that has been exempt from hurting at some point and at some stage in their life. Marriages are falling apart at an alarming rate. Children and teenagers are being preyed upon and confronted with issues that were unheard of just a decade ago. The routine visit to the doctors office turns out to be a report that changes the course of ones life. A family faces fear and uncertainty due to unemployment. The list and levels of hurting are endless and people are desperate for help.

Tennessee Valley Outreach offers comfort and compassion to those who are facing situations in life in which they appear to be helpless to resolve. By providing Biblical Counseling to those struggling with many challenging life issues, we minster and provide comfort, support and aid. In doing so, the staff and volunteers at TVO are showing and sharing the love of Jesus Christ which will indeed see them through their crisis.


for the HOPELESS ...

Many people are thrown at the mercy seat of unplanned situations in which they find themselves powerless to change the condition of their circumstances. Women are trapped in states of fear for their lives or the lives and safety of their children due to an abusive or domestic violent partner. Events such as tornadoes or house fires leave people desperate and vulnerable for relief. In many cases, people feel an extreme sense of vulnerability and hopelessness.


Tennessee Valley Outreach is available to come to the rescue of domestic violence or abuse victims by providing or transporting them to protected shelter or contacting the authorities to secure their safety. TVO is also on the ready to aid in disaster relief efforts and are able to network with partnering agencies which can provide assistance whenever such situations present themselves. We help individuals who are facing seamlessly hopeless situations to see that the Light of the World is at the end of any dark tunnel in which they may be facing.

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